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    Danica Patrick has fulfilled many of her life goals, including racing cars and owning a winery. She named her brand Somnium, which is Latin for “dream,” because her dreams never stop, they continue to elvolve.


    Danica Patrick – Proprietor

    Somnium Vineyards – Napa Valley

    I named my vineyard Somnium, which means “dream” in Latin, because I thought owning my own winery was something that would just be a dream, but it became a reality. I can’t tell you how many times I have signed an autograph for a child and added the note—dream big! It is a life motto—it’s how I think, how I live and what I preach! My dreams never stop, and they continue to evolve. Now that Somnium is a reality, my next dream is to create an environment and experience where it is easy for others to fall in love with Napa Valley, just like I did so many years ago.

    Winemaker: Julien Fayard

    SOMNIUM WINES (L-R)  Estate Cabernet, Red Label Napa Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc

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