Pinot Grigio 2015 – “Pensiero” Frances Maye’s Tuscan Sun Wines



DESCRIPTION: The lovely musical-chair rhythm of giving and giving leaves no one standing alone. Pensiero—a basket of figs, a melon warm from the garden, an armful of pink hydrangeas, a carved walking stick, a jar of wild cherries. Tuscans always arrive with a little gift, perhaps a bottle of sunny wine, which is what the angels sip when they fly over Italy

TASTING NOTES: Light green lustres run through the radiant straw-yellow color of this wine, whose aroma is rich in fruits, the most striking of which are pears and apples. An excellent balance gives this wine strength and structure. It is dry and smooth on the palate with a pleasant, mineral aftertaste.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Pensiero goes well with many dishes, especially lighter foods, fried mushrooms and fresh water fish.

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