Château Lagrézette, French Malbec Blend Cahors (2015)



73% Malbec – 21% Merlot – 6% Tannat is a truly South-West France blend, made of three grape varieties native to the region. The three are permitted together in full-bodied, rustic AOC Cahors wines, where Malbec is the most important component, backed up by the structured Tannat and the soft Merlot.

n the 16th century, Marguerite de Massaut, a granddaughter of Adhémar, became the first woman owner of the domaine. Her surname « Dame Honneur » is now given to one of the Château’s most prestigious wines. The first vines, a malbec varietal, were planted. In 1503, when she married Pierre de Maffre, the first records of the wine harvest appeared.

Alain Dominique Perrin has always had a love for exceptional things, a passion for beauty in any form, and a taste for undertaking projects considered to be difficult, if not impossible. From his early life as an antique dealer he became an entrepreneur, joining in the Cartier adventure and making the brand an essential in the world of luxury. But far from being content with this worldwide success, he became a sponsor of the arts, contemporary art in particular, notably by setting up the Fondation Cartier in Paris in 1984.In 1990 he launched the first school of luxury marketing and became actively involved with fine watchmaking.

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