Estate-grown Wines ◦ Sonoma Coast, California

Bohème was founded in 2004 near the town of Occidental, 50 miles north of San Francisco Bay and 7 miles from the Pacific Ocean.
The essential tasks of grape growing, fermentation and aging are conducted by a dedicated team of vineyard and cellar workers.
Four distinct soils and climates at elevations 600 to 1,250 feet give singular expression to each wine.


We at Bohème devote our lives to winegrowing on California’s Sonoma Coast.

Our namesake Bohemian Highway meanders Sonoma’s Coast Range of redwoods, valleys and farms.  Crafting wine from this place is a formidable, yet deeply fulfilling, endeavor.

The frontiers are numerous: vine nutrition, pruning technique, trellising, soil biology, cover crops, grape chemistry, fermentation, cooperage, èlevage and others. A complete grasp of but one can take a lifetime.

We take great efforts to expand our knowledge and bottle a most captivating wine, yet Mother Nature is the true maker of wine—and stands within each of a vintner’s moves. Indeed it’s nature’s unknown that gives magic to great wine.

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