California – Oregon – Washington

30A Coastal Dunes Wine Company is a platform for preservation efforts in the 30-A area; of particular concern is the protection of the fragile coastal dune lakes.  A portion of their wines sales goes toward this effort. 30A Coastal Dunes Wines are sourced through vineyards in California, Oregon and Washington.  Each wine is hand crafted by well known wine makers like Pete Seghesio and J. Albin.  You’ll find the wine at many restaurants and wine shops along 30A.



Through their respective businesses, restaurateur George Barnes (Founder & Managing Partner) and grocer Charlie Modica, Jr. (of Modica Market in Seaside, and Co-Founder) have had a big impact on the way people in the coastal communities along Scenic Highway 30-A eat. So it is only fitting that the two friends have teamed up to influence what those same people drink. The first wine from their company, 30A Coastal Dunes.

Barnes says the wine is about “friendships, relationships, and the beauty of this area.” In fact, the label artwork, done by Allison Wickey, is of 30-A’s Western Lake. Barnes describes it as an “identifying and iconic image of the area.” He says, “When I first saw that view, it captured my heart and made me wonder how I could move here.”

Their selection of wines that we offer is forever evolving.   Visit their website for the latest wines available:




Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Noir
Brut Rose