DiBacco to Begin Distribution of Spirits

In an industry with a growing demand for hand crafted beverages, DiBacco Importing and Distributing announced plans today to begin distributing Spirits along with Beer and Wine.

“We try to exceed our customers expectations and when opportunities present themselves for a particular product that our local vendors ask for, it becomes a priority for us to fill that need” said Tom DiBacco, Founder and CEO of DiBacco Importing and Distributing. He’s referring to a new partnership with one of the areas only distilleries, Distillery 98 in Walton County, “this company hand crafted a Vodka from local farm ingredients and they wanted a local company to handle distribution”. The upgrade of our license will allow us to do this.

With a new license status DiBacco will now be able to work with any distillery that wants distribution in FL, “we aren’t looking to distribute mass produced products, we want hand crafted spirits much like our wine portfolio, products that have with a unique story and local demand”. DiBacco indicated there were more spirit products on the horizon, “we’re working very close with a new bourbon that wants to hit the local market in the fall”.

DiBacco Importing and Distributing was founded on the beaches of North West Florida in 2012 from its current headquarters on Panama City Beach and distributes products throughout the state of FL.

For more information contact Tom DiBacco (850) 258-6445